Q-Series Security Truck

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SMT Q-Series Security Truck
Wire Shelving Storage Systems
Security Series

Q-Series Security Truck
SMT’s Q-Series Security units provide the advantage of storing valuable materials and sensitive items, along with quick and protective transportation. Heavy gauge, open wire design keeps the entire contents of the unit visible at all times, making it easy to check inventory. This Security Truck consists of double doors open wide and can be secured along the side of the units for easy access. It also features optional intermediate which can be positioned or adjusted at 1” (25mm) even after assembly. Our units are shipped knocked-down and are easy to assemble. This Security Truck can reduce dust, moisture accumulation, permits air circulation and light penetration. The wire shelving of our Security Truck gives maximum visibility of shelf contents. And the carrier base helps ensure maximum stability.

Standard Size
Width (mm) Length (mm) Post Height (mm)
450 610 1531
450 910 1213/1513
450 1210 1513
450 1570 1213
610 910 1513
610 1210 1513/2113
610 1500 1088
610 1570 1588
800 1210 1033

Improved ergonomics:
Features ergonomic handle for ease of operation.
Ease of assembly: Enclosure panels attach easily to the shelf unit.
Optional, adjustable intermediate shelves can be positioned or adjusted at 1" (25mm) increments. 
* Customized size is also available upon requirement. 
* All products are available in stainless steel or chrome plated.

All SMT Stainless Steel Shelving Series are protected by an electro polish finish that resists corrosion, Improved Surface Finish, Reduced Product Adhesion & Ease of Cleaning, Deburring and provide Attractive Appearance.
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