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Heavy Duty Shelving
SMT Heavy Duty shelving combines the benefits of SMT Wire Shelving Series with a high level of space efficiency and Adapts to a wide range of loads and sizes. Heavy duty wire shelves are used for high density storage and heavy load storage applications. These shelving systems are designed to convert the maximum amount of vertical and horizontal cube space into usable, efficiently organized storage space. There are many features of wire storage systems that make them ideal for storing all types of materials and products. To begin with, wire allows for a free circulation of air around stored items. When storing perishable products, product life is extended this way. Light can also penetrate through the shelves, so it is easier to see products without the added expense of special lighting. Wire does not catch on fire, so fire hazard is also minimized with its usage.

Almost any business in today's marketplace has a need for this type of storage system.
  • Ideal for high density storage.
  • Heavy Duty construction.
  • Maintenance free
  • Adjustable on 1" increments for maximum versatility.
  • Open design minimizes dust accumulation while ensuring light  penetration and air circulation.
 Standard Size
Width (mm) Length (mm)
610 1210
610 1330
610 1450
610 1500
610 1570
610 1810
660 1810
710 1230
730 1060
730 1500
760 760
800 1210
910 1210
915 1570

a. All SMT Stainless Steel Shelving Series are protected by an electro polish finish that resists corrosion, Improved Surface Finish, Reduced Product Adhesion & Ease of Cleaning, Deburring and provide Attractive Appearance
b. Heavy Duty Series design is recommended for all sizes above 610mm x 1210mm.
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