About Us

SMT System Metal Technology Sdn Bhd has engaged in the manufacturing of custom fabrication of stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, abrasion resistant and alloy materials, serving all industries to meet your fabrication and welding needs.

SMT System Metal Technology Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1995, Malaysia. We are located in the Penang, Malaysia with easy access to the transportation network. The strengths of Penang lie in its excellent location, good infrastructure, strong government support, generous incentives and its highly skilled people.

Our products consist of a full range of various metal products with custom specification sizes and finishes. In terms of product design, we are quick in adding products to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diverse industrial manufacturers.

The quality of SMT products is greatly enhanced by our efficient, dynamic and strong customer service team. A complete line of materials is available with competitive prices for the needs of our customers' projects.

SMT has earned the trust of many MNC companies over the years and has developed an outstanding reputation for dependable deliveries maintaining very tight scheduling at competitive pricing. SMT can provide you various solutions at the most efficient cost and delivered to any corner of the country on time.

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